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GROMEN EDUCATION assists students and parents with admissions in colleges and Universities in the UK ,EUROPE,CANADA, and USA. These schools help to enrich student’s life by discovering and developing their talents and skills.

At Gromen we analyze each student’s individual learning needs and refine matching criteria with student, family & relevant professionals. We coordinate with schools and available courses for admission & placement.

We bring calmness to the complex process of managing the competing priorities in students’ education development which includes reading, geometry and written expression. Also essential are moral and character development.

We assist Education Institutions in student recruitment, advertising and hosting Educational Fairs and events

Scholarships and Student Finance

Gromen will give your necessary advice on all opportunities to apply for both home and International scholarships. As a reliable Educational Consulting firm our partner institutes have regional scholarship awards that may be available to prospective outstanding students .We provide advice to home students on how to apply for their Student Finance.


We provide you with the right accommodation for private students through the University accommodation provider or registered accommodation providers at a reasonable fee right for international students. Please click for further information.

Passport, Visa & Travel services

Gromen will provide advice and information at your request for applying for or renewing your passport and your full visa application. We have UK trained immigration lawyers in partnership to provide you with efficient and timely services. In addition we can assist with all your travel arrangements such as air ticket booking, insurance, etc.

Pre-Departure Briefing

Just before you leave for the airport we are happy to give you basic pre-departure briefing and advise about your journey and new country of destination. We will give you tips on travel language and social life. Pickup service are also extended to prospective students.

Our promise as your Education Consultant

  • Bring firsthand knowledge of school and program options and opportunities to you
  • Stay abreast of constant changes in the fields of education & treatment
  • Spend time with the student and/or family to explore and process best fit placement options
  • Provide or arrange specialty testing and evaluation when needed
  • Coordinate with other professionals for necessary services & evaluations
  • Follow up with students and/or staff in schools and programs on request of parents or sponsor
  • Optimize a student’s academic potential and talent development

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