Welcome to Gromen Services

We are an Education company with focus on providing easy pathway access to courses necessary for individuals, students, leaders and organisations to achieve their education and career potentials.

Since 2007, we have been assisting hundreds of local and international students select and pursue a wide range of academic and vocational education options to meet their personal and career needs.

For Institutions, Gromen provides basic and vital support to Universities, colleges and employers with international recruitment and processing of international applications for work and study.

For prospective students who wish to study in a reputable University overseas in UK, Europe ,Canada, UAE and USA We are here to help


Gromen helps provide information regarding the ever-changing admissions and immigration processing guidelines to enable all our clients and students get it right the first time with their admission and visa processing.

Our focus is for the individual student to carefully combine their talent, skills, and qualification to the most appropriate career path and placement without compromise. This leads the student to academic and career success enabling the individual aim toward the top ladder of their career.

Our experienced staff recruits for leading schools in UK and abroad in the appointment of qualified staff and advisers on issues of school management, finance and development. We recruit teachers and tutors for positions throughout the world.

At Gromen we believe that education and career decisions are too important to leave to chance, and we want to ensure candidates have access to best tools and independent expert advice before making a decision.

Our Mission

To enable motivated people around the world to fulfil their potential by fostering international mobility, educational achievement and career development.

Our Values

Our business values are based on Integrity, Transparency, Professionalism and Respect. We deliver Confidence, Hope and Belief.

Want to join a college / University overseas?

The company commends cultural diversity, shows respect for all, and is committed to enriching communities by fostering individual achievement through international education and careers.